Updating Your Garage

Essential Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Commercial garage doors may be an essential part of your business building. These doors make it easy to move vehicles, goods, or other items into and out of the building. This essential role makes malfunctions with these doors especially problematic.

Bent Or Broken Tracks

Garage door problems are often associated with mechanical issues, but it is important to note that the tracks can also suffer from problems. Specifically, the tracks can become bent or broken, causing the door to become jammed. In many cases, the only viable solution for track damage is to replace the compromised section. Attempting to bend the track back into shape is not recommended, as the warped portion may remain weakened even after it's straightened. It's essential to seek the help of a professional technician to properly diagnose and repair any track issues to ensure your garage door's safe and effective operation.

Wind And Storm Damage

Intense storms are another source of damage to garage doors. These winds can put a lot of strain on the door. This could result in the door warping or otherwise failing. Impacts from flying debris are another source of damage to commercial garage doors. When these impacts occur, they may dent or break the door's panels. Also, these impacts may smash the windows of the garage door. Following a major storm in your area, reviewing the door for signs of damage can identify these problems before they cause unexpected failures.

Electrical Issues

A commercial garage door system requires large amounts of power for its motor to work. Unfortunately, electric problems could interfere with the supply of power. These interruptions could cause the door to behave sporadically. This can make your workers less productive while increasing the risk of an accident. Loose or corroded connections are a common source of these particular problems. A professional commercial garage door repair service can assess the opener to determine the source of the electrical issues.

Weatherstripping Damage

Garage doors need durable weatherstripping to stop moisture from entering through gaps in the door. Failures of this weatherstripping can lead to the interior of the building getting large amounts of water into it. Eventually, this could cause severe water damage in this space as critical equipment or surfaces could suffer damage. Fortunately, the repairs involved with replacing damaged weatherstripping are quick and straightforward. Many commercial garage doors are designed to allow maintenance staff to replace the weatherstripping along the bottom of the door without needing to hire a professional contractor.