Updating Your Garage

Things You Can Do To Quiet A Noisy Garage Door

The garage door on your home can make a lot of unnecessary noise when the door is in motion. Often, this starts to become a problem as the door ages and parts begin to loosen up or wear out. A garage door repair company can help you take the noise out of the door with a few adjustments and possibly a few parts, depending on what is going on with the door.

Banging and Rattling 

One of the most common problems people have with their garage door is rattling or banging noises when the door opens. If the door is moving around on the tracks that support it or the brackets that hold the door together are loose, the noise can transfer through the tracks and into your home. 

The noise can be extremely loud if you are in a room above or adjacent to the garage, but having a garage door repair company inspects and adjust the door can help. If the brackets on the door or the tracks have loosed over time, the door can be moving around a lot more than it should, and tightening everything back to the specs from the manufacturer can be enough to quiet the door.

Rollers and Bearings

The steel rollers that support the door and guide it along the tracks as it opens and closes are often made from relatively inexpensive steel, and over time the bearing in the rollers can wear out and start to make noise. Replacing the bearings is not possible, but replacing the rollers is. There are some high-quality urethane rollers available that will run along the track smoothly and without producing any noise. 

The rollers are not hard to change, but it is good to have a professional garage door repair tech do the work, so the door can be adjusted appropriately to work with the new rollers.

Door Openers 

Another common source of noise is the electric garage door opener that so many homes use. The chain can stretch on the opener and begin to slap against the door and the opener's frame, contributing to the noise. 

A garage door repair tech should service the door opener regularly and adjust the chain so it is tensioned properly. The door technician can remove links from the chain if needed, but a significant amount of adjustment is built into these units that can make it easy to tighten the chain up without altering it. 

It is essential that the chain is not over-tightened, or it could bind and eventually break from the stress. If you suspect the chain on your door opener is loose, have it checked and adjusted right away.