Updating Your Garage

Five Reason To Choose An Aluminum Garage Door

If you are planning to install a new garage door, you will need to decide what material to choose. Aluminum doors are an excellent choice, as the following illustrates.  

1. Cost-Effective

When it comes to installing a new garage door, aluminum is one of the least expensive materials available, but it is still extremely durable. Freeing up your budget by opting for a lower-cost material means you may have a little extra to spend on decorative additions, such as windows in some of the panels or a more decorative panel design.

2. Lightweight

Aluminum is also one of the lightest materials that are commonly used for garage doors. A lighter door means you can also purchase a less powerful automatic garage door opener, which will also save you money on installation. Further, lightweight doors are easier to open and close on your own, in the event you go with a manual option or need to open the garage door during a power outage.

3. Easily Insulated

Basic aluminum panels are hollow, but you can opt to have them insulated so you don't suffer energy loss due to your attached garage. You can also easily insulate the panels yourself with cut-to-fit garage door insulation panels. Further, since the aluminum itself is so lightweight, there is likely little concern about the additional weight added by insulating the door.

4. Weather Resistant

Steel doors can rust, vinyl doors can crack, and wood doors are prone to rot. An aluminum door is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, simply because aluminum doesn't easily oxidize in wet weather. Although aluminum can be dented, it is highly unlikely that it will crack, so it is more resistant to blowing debris and hail compared to vinyl. Furthermore, aluminum won't swell or begin to rot when exposed to moisture, which makes it more durable than its wooden counterparts.

5. Low Maintenance

Your aluminum door will rarely require maintenance beyond basic lubrication of moving parts and maintenance of the opening mechanisms — which are tasks required for garage doors, regardless of the material. If the door looks dirty, you can wash it off with the garden hose. For more stubborn dirt, a mild detergent and soft sponge is all that's needed. A dilute bleach solution will remove algae stains, if necessary. The door also won't need to be painted or sealed, unless you decide to update the color.

Contact a garage door professional to learn more about the garage door installation options available.