Updating Your Garage

How To Tell When You Need New Garage Door Springs

The garage doors on your home may be made from vinyl and aluminum, but they can still weigh more than you would imagine, and if the garage door springs on your door are not working correctly, opening and closing the door can be challenging. There are some signs that the springs need a garage door spring repair tech to inspect them, but you need to know what to look for.

Slow Moving Garage Door

A noticeable difference in the speed that the garage door opens can be a sign that garage door spring repair is needed. If the lift spring on the door is damaged, it may not be doing the job it is supposed to, and the door opener may be trying to lift the garage door without assistance. 

You may notice the door opening slower and closer faster then it should, or not opening at all. If the door is too heavy, the garage door opener will not be able to lift it, and without the garage door spring and there is a very real possibility that the door opener will be damaged trying. 

Cracked or Deformed Spring

If you are looking at the garage door spring above the door inside your garage and notice that it has a crack, break, or strange twist to it, it is time to have a garage door spring repair company come and inspect the door. The spring should be all in line and should never have cracks or breaks in the coils.

If the door has two springs on it, one spring may be supporting the door when it is opening, but the extra load on the garage door spring could damage it if the broken spring is not fixed. The garage door repair company you are working with can inspect both springs and determine if they both need replacing or if just the broken one needs replacement.

Vertical Springs and Cables

On older doors, vertical springs run along each side of the door and use a cable to attach the spring to the door. These verticle springs often have less tension on them, but a garage door repair service can replace them if the spring breaks. This configuration is more likely to have a broken cable then a broken spring, but the springs can wear, crack, and fail with heavy use. 

If the spring breaks, it is typically more apparent than with horizontal springs because the spring will fall to the floor, and the cable with often get tangled into the door track when the spring snaps. The garage door repair company will often suggest replacing both springs and the cables if this happens.