Updating Your Garage

How To Know If Your Commercial Garage Door Needs Professional Repair Work Done To It

When you are running a business and you have a large commercial garage door, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to keep it in good shape. This will require you to know the signs that indicate that it is time to call for commercial garage door services. The longer it takes for you to notice the signs of trouble, the worse the problem could become. That could cost you a lot more money. It would be better to watch out for the following:

The Automation Is Moving Slower

Since commercial garage doors are generally large and heavy, most business owners have their doors connected to an automated opener. Should you notice that the opener is struggling to open the door as quickly and smoothly as it used to, you will want to call in a contractor. It could be that the motor in the automatic opener is starting to fail and it will need to be replaced. Then again, there could be something wrong with the rails that is making it more difficult for the door to pass over. A garage door contractor will be able to determine the cause of the slow movement.

The Door Suddenly Starts To Drop

Whether the commercial garage door is hooked up to an automatic opener or not, it should not start to suddenly drop down when it is in an open position. If it is starting to do this, you might want to refrain from leaving the door open as this could become a hazard for anyone that might attempt to walk under the open door. Direct your customers to another garage door or entrance and mark the malfunctioning one as out of service until the proper repairs or replacement has been made. The contractor you hire might have to replace the springs or replace some bolts to get the door back in proper working order.

If you happen to spot any of the previously mentioned issues with your commercial garage door, you will want to call for repair help right away. Even if there is something else happening that is causing you some inconvenience, you will want to schedule repair services right away. You would be surprised at how quickly small issues can become massive problems. If you are not yet sure who to call, do a quick online search for garage door repair and replacement companies that have excellent reviews. Look for a professional who provides commercial garage door services near you.